Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Should you rush your makeup? Watch and decide!

Most days I don't take the time to put on makeup.  I always told myself that as I go into my forties I would take the time.   The reality is, that I can barely get the kids decently dressed and groomed out of the house on time.  On the days where I have to stay at school or I have an appointment, we are always late.  So, most of the time they look good and I look as good as I can with the time I have (i.e. frumpy).  This is why  I find this video so amusing.  My husband has complained about waiting for me to put on makeup.  I thought because I didn't do it all the time that I was slower than most.  After watching this video, I think not.  I'll just keep taking my time or not wearing it at all.  She is a brave woman for sure!

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