Sunday, April 22, 2007


Posted on my site

I also have a bunch of stuff half off on etsy. I'm trying to clear out my older inventory to make room for the new stuff.

Also, this is the photo I am submitting to the contest

Here are the last few things I've listed on Etsy. I have about three more and then I will be taking pictures of my next lot. I also have a bunch of seriously awesome rings that Aunt B made that I need to list.

So far I put these up on etsy:

This I LOVE... I started with a clear resin and let it sit. Then cut out a small square of butterfly fabric and painted it with resin so it wouldn't bubble. I poured the rest of the resin and tinted it yellow. I have secured a sterling silver bail. It reminds me of some of the work the glass fusers can do.

I just watch the second pirates movie and was inspired.

A Purple Octopus...The neat thing about this one is how it changes colors in the light

Hopefully this post doesn't sound to bad. I'm on painkillers and ambien till I can get to my dentist.

Octopus and other Pendants

I finally got my store completely setup and ready to use. I even made a LJ coupon (LJMD07) that gives a 15% discount the only thing left is to test it. If you want to see it, is at If you notice any glaring errors, please let me know.

This is the stuff I listed on Etsy this week..

Butterflies in Amber

Butterflies in Amber

Allen found the pendant in Old Town Spring. I was shopping at Aunties Beads for unicorn charms. I fell in LOVE.

The whole necklace

Close up of the accent beads

I even stitched in the clasp :)