Friday, April 24, 2009

Nursing Necklace

This post catches me up on my blogs. Whew. I have more to write but I need to go pick up my kiddos from school. Fun times I tell ya!

Jewelers ADD

All listed on Etsy

Blue Wire Wrapped Ring

Nursing Necklace

Stitch Markers

Stretch Bracelet

Crazy Lace Agate Earrings

I made myself a pair of these I liked the combination so much :)


Here are the earrings that were inspired by that ring :)

I made a matching bracelet too but haven't taken the pictures yet.

One Thing leads to another

I made this ring as a practice ring. It lead me to make a really nifty pair of earrings. Well, I think they are nifty. I'll post them tomorrow when I get a chance.

Fun Jewelry

I've been working on new stuff for spring. Here are my favorites so far :)

Adjustable Flower Ring

Playing with resin mixing up the colors

My entry into a wire wrapping contest.

PMC a new adventure

We headed out to a bead store in Spring so that I could buy some photo xfer plates for my precious metal clay jewelry. With these plates you can take anything and turn it into a pendant/charm. Right now, I'm interested in turning thumb prints and children's art into pendants. Here is some examples of what is possible..

Not my art or pictures but i didn't want to hotlink and steal bandwidth. I plan on replacing them with my own work asap.

The only real downside I can see is that the materials and process are not cheap. It jacks the end cost up quite a bit. The small thumbprints go for sixty dollars and the children's drawings are priced from $80-$175 but it is a unique process and in my opinion totally cool!

They didn't have everything but are suppose to get it in soon.

Once again I have failed to blog

I am going to do better on this blog I promise...M'kay? A bunch of posts are happening right here right now :)