Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Pendants

I'm working with some different polymer clay and resin techniques.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

New Jewelry

I've been working on quite a few things. Wednesday I got to use the molds I made last week.

I made 12 various resin octopus pendants that are still curing. The weather has been odd so they are taking forever to harden up. The other pendants are mostly cured completely so I know my mix was good.

I've been doing lots of experiments with polymer clay and resin. Oh the possibilities, I'm already having too much fun mixing colors and embedding different things. Most are in various stages of completion but the ones I did get done I posted on Etsy for sale.

This was formed by hand to see if I could make a mold of it. It didn't have the right angles or something but it made a pretty nice pendant on its own.

Wirewrapped Links with Purple Fire Polished Beads. I am becoming a big fan of fire polished because it is cost effective and it looks really nice.

This was molded from the metal stamping. I decided to paint it when I didn't like how it looked after curing. I'm not all the way happy with this one so I put it up with a good price to move.

This was fun but took forfreeking every. I wire wrapped the chain and beads and then each purple bead and green leaf was wire wrapped. I worked on it in my free time and it took about a week to complete.

My first octopus pour into a mold. I worked this one with UTEE because it is the hardest to work with. I knew if the UTEE worked, then the resin would be easy. The really nice part is that it is lightweight. I do like how this one came out.

Embedded shells from our trip to Florida. I had so many so I figured a pendant would be a good way to get into Spring/Summer.

This one surprised me at how well it turned out. I was going to paint the grey clay but the more I looked at it the more I liked it just like it was. So I polished it and sealed it. My best one yet.