Friday, January 20, 2012

The best part of being a jeweler

I was getting ready today for an awards ceremony at my twins school.  Their school has a reading program that corresponds with the Texas Bluebonnet Master Reading list.  The kids have to read five books off the list and if they all do it the librarian goes blue for the ceremony.

My daughter asked me to wear blue for the ceremony so I picked out my outfit the night before.  I totally forgot about jewelry to go with it.  So, in the morning I whipped up a pair of earrings that totally matched my shirt. This is my favorite part of being a jeweler. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Should you rush your makeup? Watch and decide!

Most days I don't take the time to put on makeup.  I always told myself that as I go into my forties I would take the time.   The reality is, that I can barely get the kids decently dressed and groomed out of the house on time.  On the days where I have to stay at school or I have an appointment, we are always late.  So, most of the time they look good and I look as good as I can with the time I have (i.e. frumpy).  This is why  I find this video so amusing.  My husband has complained about waiting for me to put on makeup.  I thought because I didn't do it all the time that I was slower than most.  After watching this video, I think not.  I'll just keep taking my time or not wearing it at all.  She is a brave woman for sure!

Hearts, Butterflies, and Octopus

I've been working on wire working a special gift.  I started off with a double heart idea with her initial and her kids birthstones.  I was almost done when I realized that it just wasn't her and she wouldn't wear it.  So, I tore it apart and started over again.

I started out with a simple wirewrapped heart and put a flower in the middle.  I wired swarovski crystals on the inside of the flower with the birthstones.  The end result is pretty and not to fru fru (Is that even a word?).  I still may do a little more but I am going to sleep on it before deciding.

I used the bits from my first set and I'm going to turn it into a butterfly pendant.  This is my mock up and it is not even close to completed.

The octopus pendant was done awhile ago.  I'll be adding it into my Etsy shop tomorrow.  First I think it needs some swarovski crystal eyes.   I'll most likely go with clear to give it a little sparkle.  This is one of the smaller pendants.  I handpainted it with unique mixture of blues and then highlighted it with a light rust color.  This isn't the picture but I'll add more in tomorrow.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree

My daughter recently learned how to crochet.  She was on a 2 hour school bus trip and learned how to crochet during that time. I had tried to teach her when she was smaller but she didn't have the hand eye coordination at that point.

I was thrilled that she learned and eager to teach her more about it.  After a couple of weeks of chain stitch I showed her a double crochet and she quickly decided to make a scarf.  I helped her a bit but for the most part she did it and finished in 3 days.

She visited with her grandmother and learned how to crochet in the round.  She taught herself how to increase and decrease to make different things (pot holders, coasters, ball, hats).

Tonight she decided to make a Squinkie necklace.  She crocheted the chain and put the Squinkie in the chain. It looks so adorable.

Here is her proud smile.  I'm paranoid about weirdos so I covered most of her face.  She asked if she could sell them in my Etsy shop and I told her she could.  We changed the way the Squinkie hung from the crochet chain so she is wear it to school tomorrow in hopes she might sell one. I just can't be more proud of her!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Living with Rhuematoid Arthritis

I was diagnosed with RA a couple of years ago.  Until recently my symptoms were nowhere near under control.  I hate that the diagnosis includes the word arthritis because people immediately think it is the same thing as regular arthritis.   In reality it is nothing like arthritis and it makes it harder to explain why I can't do certain things or run myself down.

My rhuematologist put me on methotrexate shots once a week and after a few adjustments I am not bone crushing tired, and the pain is manageable.  I still have to be careful not to over exert myself or I will flare.   However, I feel like my life is more normal since the medication started working.  The two most common symptoms of RA are pain and fatigue. I can get eight hours of sleep and not need a nap. For the most part, I keep up with my appearance and my interests are becoming important too me again.  Best of all I got my house so clean I was able to have our family Christmas party this year.  I did end up spending the next day in bed but it was worth it.

Last year I was depressed and dreaded getting out of bed everything morning.  I start this year filled with hope of things to come.

Not jewelry for once

I like going to the nail salon but since my daughter started it going with me it got expensive.  I also don't like how they destroy your nails when you get solar nails.  So, I've been looking at the do it yourself kits but they seemed kind of complicated.

I found an at home gel nail polish with tips by Broadway Nails at ULTA.  I tried it and and completely loved it.

You start by putting on the tips and then you fill with the gel and activator no UV light needed.  It was a bit stinky but tolerable.  When I was done,  It was a perfect french manicure.  I didn't think to take a picture.  I like a bit of color so I finished it off with the Nutranail Gel Perfect  Nail Polish.  I got mine at Walgreens with a coupon for $12.00.  It looks amazing and it does not chip or fade.  Best of all it dries to a hard finish in less than five minutes.  I hate it when I ruin a polish I spent time on.

Nutranail Gel Perfect -  Red

This picture was taken after a few days of wear, shower, washing dishes, and laundry.  Well worth the money spent!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Earrings of the Month

I tried a new concept at our school auction this year.  I made the rose petal earrings that are shown in the post below.  Then offered eleven more pairs of earrings as sort  of an earring of the month.  It was actually a success so I may try to offer this as a gift in my Etsy shop and see if there is any response.  In addition to the rose petal earrings I made two more and shipped them out.


Cloisonne royal blue with pink flowers in beautiful flower bead caps.

Mother of Pearl flowers with red glass accents.
Not sure what I will do next month but I'm pretty sure it will be flower themed.