Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not jewelry for once

I like going to the nail salon but since my daughter started it going with me it got expensive.  I also don't like how they destroy your nails when you get solar nails.  So, I've been looking at the do it yourself kits but they seemed kind of complicated.

I found an at home gel nail polish with tips by Broadway Nails at ULTA.  I tried it and and completely loved it.

You start by putting on the tips and then you fill with the gel and activator no UV light needed.  It was a bit stinky but tolerable.  When I was done,  It was a perfect french manicure.  I didn't think to take a picture.  I like a bit of color so I finished it off with the Nutranail Gel Perfect  Nail Polish.  I got mine at Walgreens with a coupon for $12.00.  It looks amazing and it does not chip or fade.  Best of all it dries to a hard finish in less than five minutes.  I hate it when I ruin a polish I spent time on.

Nutranail Gel Perfect -  Red

This picture was taken after a few days of wear, shower, washing dishes, and laundry.  Well worth the money spent!

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