Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hearts, Butterflies, and Octopus

I've been working on wire working a special gift.  I started off with a double heart idea with her initial and her kids birthstones.  I was almost done when I realized that it just wasn't her and she wouldn't wear it.  So, I tore it apart and started over again.

I started out with a simple wirewrapped heart and put a flower in the middle.  I wired swarovski crystals on the inside of the flower with the birthstones.  The end result is pretty and not to fru fru (Is that even a word?).  I still may do a little more but I am going to sleep on it before deciding.

I used the bits from my first set and I'm going to turn it into a butterfly pendant.  This is my mock up and it is not even close to completed.

The octopus pendant was done awhile ago.  I'll be adding it into my Etsy shop tomorrow.  First I think it needs some swarovski crystal eyes.   I'll most likely go with clear to give it a little sparkle.  This is one of the smaller pendants.  I handpainted it with unique mixture of blues and then highlighted it with a light rust color.  This isn't the picture but I'll add more in tomorrow.  

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