Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Living with Rhuematoid Arthritis

I was diagnosed with RA a couple of years ago.  Until recently my symptoms were nowhere near under control.  I hate that the diagnosis includes the word arthritis because people immediately think it is the same thing as regular arthritis.   In reality it is nothing like arthritis and it makes it harder to explain why I can't do certain things or run myself down.

My rhuematologist put me on methotrexate shots once a week and after a few adjustments I am not bone crushing tired, and the pain is manageable.  I still have to be careful not to over exert myself or I will flare.   However, I feel like my life is more normal since the medication started working.  The two most common symptoms of RA are pain and fatigue. I can get eight hours of sleep and not need a nap. For the most part, I keep up with my appearance and my interests are becoming important too me again.  Best of all I got my house so clean I was able to have our family Christmas party this year.  I did end up spending the next day in bed but it was worth it.

Last year I was depressed and dreaded getting out of bed everything morning.  I start this year filled with hope of things to come.

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