Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby it's cold outside...

We got up this morning to really cold temps.   I, of course, came down with a cold on Monday night.  Lucky for me the cold weather encourages me to sleep and get better.  I drove my kidlets to school this morning explaining to them about weather.  We talked about what a wind chill factor means and why pipes breaks when the water freezes in them.

After I dropped them off, I listened to the radio a bit about the effects of the cold temps.   There have been rolling brownouts all over the city.  I called home and asked DH to turn off everything that we had left on in our mad rush for the door.  I came home and promptly went back to bed.  Lucky for us we are on a hospital grid so we didn't experience any outages.

DH went and picked up the kids this afternoon and I am making Chicken and Dumplings for dinner with garlic Texas toast.  The weather is going to get worse over the next few days but we are ready.

I'm also done telling the kids that it doesn't snow in Texas.  Since I have told them that it has snowed EVERY single year.  Whats up with that???

I'm sure I'll make some jewelry tonight but right now I am just happy snuggling under my blanket.  The kids are wrapped up in their snuggies and playing games by the fire.  Bliss....

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