Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trying to find my niche..

I have been beading for over six years.  I thought that I would gravitate towards a specialty over time.  In December I decided to make a choice in what direction I wanted to specialize in.  It makes things easier when I market if my jewelry is targeted to a certain group.

So, I choose making jewelry for mom's, daughters, and grandmothers as my primary audience.  The type of jewelry I will make the most is nursing necklaces as those have been some of my favorite types of necklaces to make.  Plus it helps both breastfeeding and bottle feeding moms which is win win.  

Happy Customer with a Teether Nursing Necklace

 The nursing necklace is designed to distract a nursing baby from pulling hair, scratching, or just looking wildly around the room.  It is a focal point for the baby but is still really pretty for mom to wear everyday.  I also sell a wood ring nursing necklace that has been extremely popular!  When my twins were babies anything that made me look better made me feel better too.

I also am working on wirewrapping for a more difficult challenge since I don't see how how could ever become bored with it.   I still plan on making other things I just needed focus.

Nursing Necklace listed this week

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Sterling Silver and Amethyst Hoop Earrings

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 I am currently working on a valentines day bracelet.  It is wirewrapped so I've worked on it over a couple of day now.  I have a few more necklaces to list yet and hopefully by then the bracelet will be done :)

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