Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My daughter Squidly...

My daughter has been bugging me for a week to make this hat from Instructables.com.  I've put it off and put it off because sewing isn't exactly my favorite thing.  This morning she made me double pinky promise to have it done tonight.  Apparently breaking a double pinky promise is much more serious then breaking a regular pinky promise.

This will just add to her huge squid obsession that has been plaguing me lately.  She informed me before Christmas that she was changing her name to squidly.  She asked Santa for a squid and thankfully he came though.  Now, I can call her by her given name and Squidly is her new squid friend (Plush Giant Squid 20").  She told me today he smells like Santa's workshop and is allergic to water.  Oh and he inked Christmas lights in December now he is inking hearts because it is close to valentines day.  If only I were making this up :)

How did my little sweet eight year old because such an admirer of squid??  I honestly have no idea.  She's never been terribly interested in all things girl but sheesh...squid?  Really? I now know way more about squid then I ever wanted to.  We search google images to learn about different kinds a couple times a week.  Anyways this is me procrastinating so off I go.  I'll post pictures but for now here is a little preview.

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