Monday, February 7, 2011

Something old something new... Nursing Necklaces

I just posted up this new nursing necklace I call Flowers In Bloom.  I loved the center bead and built the entire necklace around it.  When working with red and green, I have to be careful not to get to Christmas themed.  I think the black beads accented the colors perfectly.

Now for the something old.  It isn't really old but it is an older design that I never really promoted much.  It is made with mood beads which I think are seriously nifty.  The beads change color with body temperature and when your baby plays with it the colors will shift.   The beads that run up and down the sides are rainbow moonstone.  I may make a verison with just the mood beads since the moonstone drives the price up a bit.

More to come later as I post more jewelry.

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