Friday, January 29, 2010


I've also been going through my jewelry and books in an effort to get my office clean and am selling a bunch of things on ebay, making new designs to sell on etsy, and building a website for my daughters school. It's come out pretty nifty so far and I'm getting to be pretty good at building a joomla website. I am also installing about a billion plugins for the extra things they need.

Oh yes, I have been really digging this new to me planning website. It has one of the BEST free s I have seen. It even has them split up by the way you work. One is an action plan for time management and they other is freelancer plan which helps manage projects. They also have a plan to get bloggers organized and a way to find out when you work most productively. If you want to check it out I highly recommend it

I'm going to go wrap some wire and relax

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