Friday, December 31, 2010

bye 2010...its been fun :)

Last post of the year.  I don't really do resolutions but i do make goals.  Last year was the year I get my house in order.  It isn't perfect but, I did very well.  As of yesterday I can have company over again.  It's been a long while since I have been able to say that.  The kids rooms need to be cleaned up and the carpet shampooed but other than that we are good to go.

So, this year I am going to work on all things financial.  I want more budgeting, a bigger emergency fund, and all around making more and spending less.  So, this seems like a small goal but it really isn't.  I shop when i am stressed about money and other things which is detrimental to financial security.  So, I have to learn to manage my feelings instead of hide from them at the store.

I have also named 2011 the year of awesome.  Positive thinking!

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