Friday, August 14, 2009

I've been a bad bad blogger

Really nothing interesting happened! The kids were at my moms all week. When I wasn't make jewelry I was trying to get fans for my facebook fan page. I made it to 100 and got my short URL if you wanna see.

I made another Tree of Life Pendant and a special pendant for my mom. I chewed out by brother and a everyone else for fighting over Health care. I think I may have shocked a few people...teehee.

Also my tutorial is a big hit! I've already made close to $100 on Jewelrylessons and that is with them taking a 50% cut. Crazy! Tomorrow I pick up the kiddos so it is life as usual. I have exactly one week before school. We need to get shoes, backpacks, and haircuts. I also did a proposal on the schools website so I may be trying to cram in web design at night.

Hmm, maybe more happened than I thought :)

Here is some of the jewelry I worked on this week.

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Pixel Perfect said...

Hey! My name is monica and found your blog off of the comment on sara's blog. I created a blog button for her family. Please go to my blog to get it and place it on your blog to bring awareness to their situation! Praying for a miracle.