Monday, March 2, 2009

Feeling Better and Contest Entries

I've had a busy weekend with house related stuffs going on. I finally feel much better thanks to the giant prednisone doses I've been on for the last five days. Tomorrow, I start stepping the dose down so here is hoping that I stay feeling good.

I also worked on finishing my entries into the Rings and Things contest. I haven't entered any contests for a long time because I wanted to practice my techniques. One of my entries was done by Melanie and me. She came to me and asked if she drew jewelry would I make it. I was a little surprised but said "Sure!". I'm so proud of her for coming up with the design.

I called it Amazing Duets

Melanie's Drawing

The Necklace

I made up the next one on my own. It is wire wrapping,crochet,braiding with fancy jasper and African Jade.

Une Petit Papillon (The little butterfly)

Last Entry "Garden of Paradise" Beadweaving - I made this one up last April so I may have posted it before.

Anyways, it is late so I need to head to bed :)

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Dave Robertson said...

Hey, I love all three. Thanks so much for entering our design contest. My hat's off to you for getting so much done before the deadline. Good luck in the judging!!

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